A Friend Indeed

John is forced to question the nature of his friendship with Vince.

Starring: Bret A. Haines, Calvin C. Winbush, Kitty Ostapowicz, Neil Hemnarine, and Michael Busch


Bruce owes Joe some money, and Joe has come to collect.

Starring: Carsey Walker Jr., Kirk Larsen, and Kitty Ostapowicz

Anti-smoking Ad

Starring: Kate Hazel-Busch

MJB News

Kate Hazel-Busch brings you the news.

Cross the Streams

Typographic rendering of the line from "Ghostbusters".

Fast Company

Typographic presentation for Fast Company Magazine

The Portal

This is an old one. The production quality isn't up to our current standards, but I put it on here because it makes me smile.

Starring: Dan Buress, Gary Busch, Jared Nelson, Jennifer Pokon, and Vince Scalice

The Detective

This was a short I wrote and directed for a directing class several years ago. We shot it in class in under an hour. I thought the actors gave a terrific performance and the student dp did a great job for the time we had.

Starring: John Hart and Jamie Hurley